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In 2006 Sudan is one of the world’s top 5 fastest growing economies, boasting a forecasted economic growth of 9.3% during this upcoming financial year. The current economic boom - fuelled by the rapid growth of the oil sector and enhanced by a new political stability following the signing of the North-South and Darfur peace agreements - has led to a significant increase in Foreign Direct Investment.
Ultimately accompanying this economic boom is a revival of the tourism and hospitality industry. Sudan is hosting an ever progressive number of heads of state, investors, businessmen and tourists who are negotiating politics, finalizing business deals and longing to discover Sudan’s well hidden cultural treasures.

Increasingly hosting major cultural, business and political events, Khartoum was the capital of Arab culture for 2005. Recently, Sudan hosted the largest African and Arab political events: The African Union and the League of Arab States’ presidential summits.

Today Sudan is at the forefront of major political and economic developments in the region. Therefore, Sudan will continue to host major political, economic and cultural events. However, the capacity of the hotel

industry in Sudan has not developed to support Sudan’s growing prominent role in the region and the global business world. This was apparent during the recently held summits where guest were hosted in furnished apartments and three star hotels.
Khartoum city is the main gateway to Sudan, statistics indicate that 85% of Sudan’s visitors come through Khartoum airport. For the past two decades there has only been one five star hotel in Khartoum. This hotel, which is yet to be renovated, has limited capacity of less than 150 rooms. Other hotels in Khartoum city are of much lower standard. Within Omdurman itself, the historic part of Khartoum where El-Seref project hotel will be located, there is no modern hotel facility that is capable of supporting the local and international business communities.
El-Seref hotel project aims to fill this gap in the market and increase the five star accommodation capacity of Khartoum city.
El-Seref, Sudan welcoming the World
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